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Hey Guys and Gals,
We've just discovered a home-based neurofeedback technology
that can put you in any Brain State.

What if you could balance your brain through feedback?

Neurofeedback in Asia and Thailand

...and, what if it became like riding a bicycle and stayed with you
after just a week of exercises?

Are you really sure your achieving deep meditative states?
How do you know you're not just in a relaxed state of concentration?

I've been able to achieve the same 'buzz'
of a 3 hour yoga session after just 15 minutes using EEG technology.

Having our Hardware and Software program is like having
"Buddha in a Box"

What would it be like to have your guru living in your home?
Image: Instant feedback every day on your spiritual development.

Empower Yourself
Purchase your own home EEG unit.
click this picture for details

EEG Wireless Pendant Home Kit
Here's the kit that Marc is using and recommends.
EEG Wireless Pendant,
Software, Electrodes and Paste

If you've every seen What the Bleep Do We Know!?,
floated in a tank,
smoked or swallowed something to expand your awareness,
experienced ecstasy on a wave or mountain slope and
wanted to live in that space,
this will certainly be interesting...

We've brought Brain Training to Asia
Come join us for an introductory 45 minute session
and find out where Technology meets Spirituality

Brain Training in Asia in Chiang Mai, Thailand and more...

Here's web-developer, Jonny, having a go on
a Koh Phangang beach in the south of Thailand
Did we mention, our unit is portable AND uses
wireless technology?

Brain Bullet

Neurofeedback Recommended Books:

Reference Reading for All
Literally this book has everything you need to
know about Neurofeedback no matter
who you are or what your level of interest.
The Neurofeedback Book: The Thompson'sa

Brain Bullet

Introduction to NF's short history and the people
that laid the groundwork. It wasn't as meaty as I had hoped,
but was the first thing I laid our hands on. I sat and read it from cover
to cover in a couple of hours, so it is easy to read.
Published in 2000.

A Symphony in the Brain:
The Evolution of the New Brain Wave Biofeedback: Jim Robbins

Brain Bullet

Reference Reading for Layman or
great introduction for the Professional.
This book summarizes the book
above in about 5 pages. No way to take in all of this
in 2 hours, it's going to take a few weeks or more.
I wish we had this book in the first
3 Months we started our own NF discovery.
We could have been up and going in 3 weeks!
I love how the author references all the people (and year) for
each study within the text itself. If I acquire any other
reading material, I'll consult this book to confirm the reference first.
Published in 2005.
Getting Started with Neurofeedback: John Demos

There are many schools and teachers of brain states.
Home EEG Software and Hardware allow you
to discover these states for yourself.
Once you discover a state, you can decide when it's
beneficial to be in that state or not. If a given brain state
is beneficial, you can train yourself to sustain that state.

A computer and software are good tools, but
cannot replace good teachers. If you find a technical teacher,
you'll have help with the technology.
But, if you can find an intuitive teacher,
you'll have help discovering what's inside.

At we offer both
kinds of teachers and a quiet, peaceful
place to get away from your busy life
and focus on self-empowerment.

Your brain is a tool.
If you learn to master it,
you can stop being controlled by it.

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Marc Cofer and Diana Manilova
Brain State Organization of Thailand
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Chiang Mai 50200
Ph: +66 53-894-708
Mbl: +66 86-196-6264

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